The nicest piano I have ever played.

I like to make music

My parents forced me to take classical piano lessons at a young age.

Then something strange happened: I started to enjoy playing piano.

I switched to playing jazz, and joined my high school jazz band.

But really, I wanted to make bleep bloop music that people could dance to.

And I still like to improvise.

Formerly of...

I got my start in electronic music at a jam session in Mountain View, CA.

There, I met my lifelong friend Mark Lentczner, who hosted the jam!

We were in a band together called electric.kitchen, which is now Mark's solo project.

Check it out!

Tour poster for a reunion series Mark and I did.

Me at the Five-G synth shop in Tokyo, a.k.a. "synth heaven."


The best way to reach me is email: paul@beepyversion.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you!